Chloe, sometimes known as Chloethedev, is the founder of the Marma J Foundation. Chloe spends her time spreading the love, live streaming on her YouTube channel Chloethedev Unfiltered, and working on various Cryptovoxels builds. Check out our Gitcoin Grant to donate. Currently, Chloe is the Co-Facilitator of Createbase.


Chloe has a passion for learning, teaching, and giving back to her community. For over ten years, Chloe worked in the sports management industry in various roles (coaching, directing, and consulting).

In 2015, Chloe graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management. From there, she obtained her Master's Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Lock Haven University

After a successful career in the sports field, Chloe took an interest in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry. She became a successful trader, community manager, and leader of various crypto projects and initiatives. In 2019, Chloe launched CELT DAO in conjunction with Spielly, a Blockchain Developer and colleague. Chloe's interest in developing other projects on the blockchain led her to education with EatTheBlocks, where she enrolled in the Dapp 30 course. 

After completing the Dapp 30 course, Chloe decided to pursue a formal education in Computer Science at the University of Windsor. Within her first semester, Chloe was offered an opportunity to research with Hashcloak. 

Projects & Interests

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Chloethedev Unfiltered is Chloe's Youtube Channel where she provides unfiltered updates on projects, ideas, and life.


This program is aimed at creating a supportive African web3 community. Chloe is a proud supporter and mentor.


A peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles. Buy, sell, auction, and discover limited edition goods. Be sure to check out our OpenSea collection.


Visit the Marma J Foundation Gallery in CryptoVoxels. This  project is designed to lower the barriers of entry for artists to create, display, and sell their artwork.

Blockchain Art

In this livestream with Julien from EatTheBlocks, Chloe explains how artists can make money on the blockchain.

Nifty Pride

Join the Nifty Pride Discord server to get involved in the Cryptoart scene. Discuss/promote/share art, music, literature, and so much more!


An exclusive interview by Julien from EatTheBlocks on how Chloe landed a job in the blockchain industry.