The Marma J Foundation aims to spread love and positivity to our communities, both physically and virtually. Our goal is to support underrepresented individuals by providing a safe space for them, as well as showcasing their work. 

In Cryptovoxels, the Marma J Foundation operates three unique parcels to support this goal. Check out the sections below to learn more about each parcel, and to visit the spaces yourself!

The Marma J Gallery is the official art gallery in Cryptovoxels that is owned and operated by the Marma J Foundation. The goal of this gallery is to support and showcase the work of LGBTQ+ crypto artists, as well as raise funds for the Marma J Foundation. Visit the Marma J Gallery today to see our curated works of art!

Bobby's Places is a space in Cryptovoxels owned by the Marma J Foundation. The two primary goals of this parcel are to support a young gentleman named Bobby and to show unique places around Cryptovoxels that Bobby likes to visit. Check out Bobby's Places!

The Ethereum Learning Centre (ELC) is a parcel in Cryptovoxels run by the Marma J Foundation. The goal of the ELC is to provide the Ethereum community with resources and tools to learn about Ethereum in the metaverse. Visit the ELC today to start learning!

The Createbase Learning Centre is a space in the metaverse that offers users valuable resources to get started building on

Mintbase x Near.

The Mintbase HQ is where the official Mintbase events take place in Cryptovoxels. The parcel structure frequently changes, so there is always a surprise for its visitors. Head into Cryptovoxels to check out all the exciting things happening over at Mintbase!