Our Team

The Marma J Foundation team is made up of founders Chloe and Bianca. We are both passionate individuals with a mission to help others in any way that we can. 

Together, we work towards expanding the Marma J Foundation in order to reach and help more people. Our combined backgrounds in finance, computer science, business strategy, marketing, communications, and design inspire us to work on diverse projects. 

Chloe, sometimes known as Chloethedev, is the founder of the Marma J Foundation. Chloe spends her time spreading the love on behalf of the Marma J Foundation, live streaming on her YouTube channel Chloethedev Unfiltered, and working on various Cryptovoxels builds. Currently, Chloe is the Co-Facilitator of Createbase.


Bianca is the Creative Director of the Marma J Foundation. She is inspired by creative thinkers and artists and has a passion for digital communication. Bianca has a love for content creation with a special interest in website design and social media management. Currently, Bianca creates custom digital illustrations for people and businesses.

Creative Director