The Friends of The Care Project

After successfully raising 499 DAI (with $127 USD in matching) during Gitcoin Grants Round 8, the Marma J Foundation has successfully begun spreading love and positivity in Antigua!

The goal of Gitcoin Grants Round 8 was to raise funds to support The Friends of The Care Project (FOTCP) in Antigua. With the tremendous amount of support we have received, our Founder, Chloe, travelled to Antigua on January 3, 2021, to support the FOTCP and spread love throughout Antigua.

Providing Love and Support

At the FOTCP, the Marma J Foundation will be:

  • Volunteering on Monday's and Wednesday's weekly

  • Raising money

  • Increasing visibility for the foundation

Each month the children at the FOTCP learn about a new unit. While they are going through that unit, the artwork they create follows a similar theme. For the month of January, the topic of study was Safari Animals.

Bianca, the Creative Director of the Marma J Foundation, will be recreating the FOTCP's artwork digitally, which will be minted and sold as NFT's on Mintbase. Mintbase is an NFT minting platform on the NEAR Blockchain. The majority of proceeds raised will be deposited to the FOTCP NEAR address, and a small portion of the proceeds will be deposited to the Marma J Foundation's NEAR address.

About the Friends of The Care Project

The FOTCP is an Antiguan charity that provides medical attention, dental care, and specialist therapy for the individuals who are in their care. They are an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the care and facilities for the individuals who reside at the FOTCP.

The FOTCP are always looking for volunteers to help with taking children outside for walks, fundraising, and assisting with sensory sessions. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the FOTCP.

Spreading The Love in Antigua

In her first stream since arriving in Antigua, Chloe discusses how she is spreading love and positivity, including fostering a dog named Jack! Check it out:

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