Spread The Love Project: Week Two

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Welcome to Week Two of the Spread The Love (STL) Project! The STL Project is a Marma J Foundation initiative that aims to just as its name suggests; provide those in need with love, positivity, and support.

This week (September 21 -28, 2020), Chloe, the Founder of the Marma J Foundation, hands out $5.00 McDonalds gift cards, cash, and more to marginalized individuals along the Detroit River in Windsor, ON.

Watch the video below to see a recap of week two.

Get Involved

Interested in supporting the STL Project? Be sure to share this video or blog post to help spread the word! To support this project financially, donate to our Gitcoin Grant during round seven to maximize your contribution.

Stay tuned for week three to see how we spread love a little more each day.

Special Thanks

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Marma J Foundation Gitcoin Grant this week! With your support, we have successfully raised 56 DAI (with only 6 contributors!) and have an estimated match of 31 DAI.

Thank you for helping us spread the love!

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