Spread The Love Project: Week Six

Welcome to week six of the Spread The Love (STL) Project! The STL Project is a Marma J Foundation initiative that aims to just as its name suggests; provide those in need with love, positivity, and support.

This week (October 19 - October 25, 2020), the Marma J Foundation wraps up two big projects: giving away the new shoes to a homeless man, and donating the BMX bike to the Windsor Youth Centre in downtown Windsor, ON.

Watch the video below to see a recap of week six.

Get Involved

Interested in supporting the STL Project? Be sure to share this video or blog post to help spread the word! To support this project financially, visit our Donate page.

Stay tuned for week seven to see how we spread love a little more each day.

Special Thanks

Tune into the virtual aspect of the STL Project on YouTube and watch as Chloethedev takes you through the Marma J Gallery (and so much more!) in Cryptovoxels.

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