Spread The Love Project

The "Spread The Love" (STL) Project aims to provide those in need with love, positivity, and support. This project will exist both physically and virtually:

  • Physical - The founders of the Marma J Foundation will be purchasing gift cards and essential care packages and giving them out to at-risk, homeless, and anyone else who needs love in their life.

  • Virtual - Chloethedev will be going live on YouTube on weekdays talking about how we are spreading the love at the Marma J Foundation. Additionally, this will be an opportunity to highlight "Bobby's Places", a Cryptovoxels parcel dedicated to people with autism and learning disabilities, to showcase how the parcel is spreading the love in the metaverse.

Chloe holds McDonalds gift cards by the Detroit River before handing them out to people in need of meals.

This project will be documented on our Blog weekly. We invite you to follow along on our journey and see how we are spreading the love a little more each day.

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