Saying Goodbye to Spot

The growing population of stray dogs in Antigua is an overwhelming problem. Many dogs are left roaming the streets and beaches as they fend for themselves. Luckily, there are many organizations that try to address this problem and responsible pet owners who have their dogs spayed and neutered. Until the culture of dog-handling practices improves, it is difficult to affect significant change.

Sadly, many people do not care for the well-being of animals in Antigua and will abuse dogs, poison them, or hit them with their cars and leave them helpless.

On a Saturday afternoon walking home from our local grocery store, we saw cars turning onto the street and avoiding a spot in the road. As we got closer, we realized there was a dog laying in the middle of the road wounded and helpless. It was the result of the common hit-and-run case.

The dog was still alive, but had open wounds and could not move. We did not want to leave the dog in the road where it could be hit again so we gently picked him up and moved him to the patch of grass off the road. There, we quickly created a post in the Dogs and Cats of Antigua Discussion Group about Spot, the dog we had found.

Instantly, the post was flooded with comments of people trying to learn more about the situation so they could help. Within a few minutes, we secured a ride to help take Spot to the vet where he could be assessed.

We waited by spot trying to comfort him until our ride appeared. We then transferred Spot into the car and headed to the vet. Our helper called the vet in advance as they had closed to see if they would be willing to take in one more patient for the day and they agreed. Once we got to the vet, the veterinarian quickly determined that Spot's leg was broken and that it was too malnourished and weak to be saved; it was best to say goodbye to Spot humanely.

We stood there petting Spot as he was put to sleep, glad that his suffering would shortly be over.

Saying goodbye to Spot was difficult. We are so grateful to everyone who agreed to send donations to the Dogs and Cats of Antigua account to help out with the costs of saying goodbye to Spot. We are also so thankful to Joy who put her life on hold in an instant and helped transport Spot to the vet.

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