Finding Mika a Home

Mikasa, or Mika for short, was first found at Fort James Beach in early October 2019. At first it was unclear whether Mika was a stray pup because she had a collar around her neck. With no companions in sight, we assumed that maybe she had strayed a little too far from home but would return. Still, she looked hungry and we gave her some food and water. A few days later, Mika's collar had been removed and it was clear to us that nobody was coming back for her. This sad reality for Mika is one for many pups who are abandoned, or who are abused at home and leave to find their own welfare.

Mika was welcomed into the friendly group of stray dogs that live at Fort James Beach. Everyday we would walk to Fort James Beach and bring Mika, along with the other dogs, food, water, and of course a lot of love. Mika loves to play and would find anything around her and make it a toy. When Mika wanted to play, she would ask by jumping up on you until you gave in.

If you've ever been to Fort James Beach, you may have noticed the restaurants that line the dirt road parallel to the beach. Not only do these restaurants provide beach-goers with food and refreshments, but they also allow for the strays to have a better chance at finding food and other scraps. The grass areas by these restaurants also make for a comfy place for the dogs to lounge instead of the hot sand.

One day while feeding and playing with the dogs in a grassy area near a restaurant, a speeding car hit Mika. Unfortunately, Mika is not the first stray to be hit as many stray dogs roam the narrow streets of Antigua. Luckily, Mika was small enough to roll under the car and come out. Filled with adrenaline, Mika ran for a few minutes before finding a place to rest on the beach. When we found her again she was breathing heavily and was unable to stand.

Where we live, we are not permitted to have any animals on the property. Looking at Mika there on the beach, we knew we could not leave her alone for the night. We decided to take a risk and sneak Mika into our apartment. Living in the same building as our landlord meant that this was not going to be an easy task, but with a little luck on our side we were able sneak her in for the night.

With the help of some friends, Mika was able to return to her happy, playful self by the morning. We knew we could not keep her although we desperately wanted to, and so we sought out to find a home for Mika. To do this, we created a post in the Dogs and Cats Antigua Discussion Group on Facebook where we were met with helpful resources and support. Within the same day, someone had reached out to us and said she knew a foster who would be willing to take Mika in! Overjoyed, we quickly arranged to set up a time and place where Mika could be taken in. Two days later, Mika was picked up just before sunset at Fort James Beach and taken to her new foster home.

We are so happy to have someone to provide Mika with a roof over her head, food and water to drink, friends to play with, love, and so much more. Mika's new foster-mom sends us frequent updates and we are happy to say that after her first trip to The Ark Veterinary Clinic, Mika is doing well at her new foster home.

This image was sent to us by Mika's foster-mom a few days after Mika visited the vet.

At the Marma J Foundation, we are pleased to say that finding Mika a home is our first success story, but we also know it does not end here. While Mika is in foster care, we hope to find her a permanent, loving home.

Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who has helped Mika along her journey! Without your help, Mika would not be where she is today.

How You Can Help

Are you or someone you know looking to bring a new furry friend into your lives? Many organizations in Antigua specialize in finding dogs a home in Antigua or overseas. If you are looking to rescue and adopt a furry friend into your home, please CONNECT with us.

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