Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Did you know that approximately 18 billion pounds of plastic trash winds up in our oceans each year with 80% of it coming from land sources? Plastic litter on or near beaches eventually make its way to the world's oceans, harming marine life and destroying ecosystems.

Marma J Foundation founders, Chloe and Bianca, after cleaning Pensioners Beach.

On September 21st, 2019, the Marma J Foundation celebrated International Coastal Cleanup Day by attending Trash Challenge Antigua. This event was organized by Environmental Awareness Group Antigua, and brought the community together to clean up three different sites, including an underwater cleanup. Hundreds of people participated in the cleaning of Shell Beach, Pensioners Beach, and Pigeon Point.

Marma J Foundation founders, Chloe and Bianca, participated in the cleaning of Pensioners Beach. They picked up items such as broken plastic buckets, tattered rope, plastic bottles and bags, and shoes. They, along with the many other people who participated in the cleaning of Pensioners Beach, were shocked at the amount of garbage that had littered the beautiful beach. After a few hours and a lot of help, Pensioners beach was once again beautiful. The event concluded with networking and refreshments.

Whether you live in Antigua or not, remember to put waste in its place. Leave nothing on the beaches except for your footprints. Next time you are at a beach, walking down a road, in a parking lot, or anywhere else, pick up trash when you see it and put it where it belongs. To help #KeepAntiguaClean and the rest of the world too, remember that every little bit helps.

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